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Our final day of touring the island started with St. James Parish Church, a truly idyllic location for a ceremony and also part of the National Trust Heritage sites. Then off to a tour of the lovely Fisherpond Great House. The unique location is nestled amoungst the sugarcane fields and is truly magnificent sitting in the thick of the tall blades. It is a special place and Rain Chandler who lives there with her husband John Chandler – the Preston Bailey of Barbados, has taken great care of the property. She told delightful stories of guest, which have included both Prince Harry and William and Helen Mirren. We didn’t stay for lunch but i hope in future travels i will get to partake in her famed Sunday brunch. The grounds here are so lush and filled with every tropical flower you can think of.

I think my most favorite location and last stop on the trip was to the Synagogue, which sits dead center in the heart of downtown and is probably the most unexpected gem of a site. It dates back to the 17th century and is one of the oldest synagogues in the Western Hemisphere.

Lunch again was delightful and scenic as we overlooked the ocean at Champers. Here is where i couldn’t resist a piece of Bajan art as i purchased a small colorful painting from a local artist named Vinca.

This was a wonderful tour and i have to say it is an ideal location for an island wedding with so much culture, famed restaurants and unique venues. i look forward to opportunities to bring clients here. i know they will love it too!!!

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