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Day two on our trip to Barbados started with a drive the the atlantic side of the island. We meet with several planners and officials from the goverment at the Crane Resport to talk about the inn and outs of ceremonies in Barbados. The briefing was very informative. If we were wondering whether or not we could get a selection of linens and decor, all our concerns were laid to rest when in the room we found a sample setup for a reception. it was beautiful and very appreciated.

The Tour of the Crane was very inspiring and breathtaking. The color of the ocean here was like nothing i have ever seen. there are a number of perfect locations for a wedding ceremony on the property. they also have a brand new ballroom that is perfect for an indoor reception.

The drive to Huntes Gardens took us by Harrismith Beach and an abandoned house that sits on a cliff. the entrepreneur in me is thinking about getting investors together to buy it and turn it into a spectacular venue. Lunch at Huntes Gardens was a special treat. The place is relatively new but looks like it has been there for years. Mr. Hunt, who is quite a character has taken special care in putting togehter the gardens, which were lush and beautiful. A rehearsal dinner for 12 would be ideal in this little piece of heaven on earth.

And finally we toured the St. Nicholas Abbey, which is another fabulous location for a wedding or rehearsal dinner. The distillery is rather unique and you can have custom rum bottles made. the rum pepper, which is a spice was so good, i had to buy a bottle. Larry the new owner and architect has restored it very well. he said it isn’t haunted but other members of my group think otherwise. But the mysterious chiming of the clock, not on the hour or half hour, let us to think otherwise.

The day ended with another delightful dinner at the Tides Restaraunt and Gallery. I have the say the food the whole time has been extremely good. And the gallery helped fuel my new love of Bajan artists. I knew that before the trip is over i would be buying a piece -stayed tuned to the next blog to learn more.

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