~Cultivating Memories By Exceeding Expectations~

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When I started my business almost twenty years ago, I didn’t know much, I just knew I didn’t want to be a doctor (much to my father’s dismay) and that I loved planning events. Since 1997, I have had the pleasure of planning hundreds of weddings and I have to tell you without reserve, I love what I Do! And I love getting brides and grooms to their “I Do”. I am genuinely passionate about the industry. I love the details, the dress shopping, the love stories,
the cultural aspects, and all the elements that make you teary eyed. I love the instant gratification when a bride sees her ceremony or reception for the first time and gasps in delight.  These moments drive me to pursue perfection, to devour weddings magazines and go to wedding conferences – where I get inspiration.  I know that it is your wedding and your vision, not mine but together we can create the style and event you truly have always dreamed of. I love planning weddings that get noticed and receive awards for their uniqueness. I look forward to getting to know you, becoming your friend and helping to make your wedding the event of a lifetime.


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