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1….. is the closet tropical living to the Western United States? It’s neither Hawaii nor the Caribbean
Answer… Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

2….. are there beach front vacation rental villas, where every room commands spectacular views, even the bathrooms, even the bathtubs.
Answer… Puerto Vallarta Beach Club. One at the most uniquely designed resorts in the world.

3……are there vacation rental villas or any hospitality venue that can boast a 93% repeat guest factor.
Answer… Puerto Vallarta ’s Villa Verano.

4…… can you lay on a “tropical beach” having a great lunch, wine and that night have dinner in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, or Houston.
Answer… Only in Puerto Vallarta.

5…… can you take a group a friends, family, or business associates, to a private rental estate and all 3 meals, and liquors, are usually less than 40 dollars a day, per person.
Answer … Villa Verano Puerto Vallarta.

6…… can you vacation in world class private villas, in a tropical beach front jungle, yet a 4 minute walk to an exotic and lively night life.
Answer… Puerto Vallarta Beach Club.

7…… did Robin Leach find “Pure Sanctuary” and called it “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret”
Answer … Puerto Vallarta ‘s Villa Verano.

8…… can the western u.s. fly to the tropics without east or west jet lag.
Answer… Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

9…… do you know a vacation rental villa that the same business and leisure groups have been going for 21 years?
Answer… Puerto Vallarta ‘s Villa Verano.

10…… can you rent a private tropical beach front villa with houseman, maid, private pool, gourmet kitchen, private beach, and walking distances to all the fun, shops, restaurants and night life for $300 us per night , per bedroom.
Answer… Puerto Vallarta Beach Club.

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